Merchandising Store

T-Shirts, Smartphonehüllen, Tassen etc. / T-shirts, smart phone covers, mugs and stuff

Dieses Material verkaufe ich über den Spreadshirt shop

Kochvideos / stuff mentioned in my cooking videos

Material und Geräte für die Küche

Diverse Affiliate Links / Mixed affiliate links

Bitcoin Suisse - Bitcoins kaufen - Bitcoins verkaufen Buy and sell bitcoins (gets both of us CHF 10 once if you spend over CHF 1000 buying bitcoins there)

Bedingungen / important information about the shops

Bei externen (Affiliate) Shops erfolgt die Abwicklung der Bestellung durch den Shop-Betreiber. Es gelten die Bedingungen des jeweiligen Anbieters. Der Betreiber von " Kunst- und Spassprojekte" behandelt alle Kundendaten vertraulich!
Please note that affiliate stores have their own terms of service about how to handle the shipping of the goods you ordered. I can't always influence how they do it in a specific case!